Aeros Application NutsFor snack food, it is important to ensure that the instrument has a large observation area, as this allows the sample to be easily placed under the sensor in different sized sample plates or in a Petri dish.
Using nuts as an example, the samples are handled like bulk goods and removed from the batch in large sample trays, then placed under the sensor of the Aeros and measured. Make sure that the bottom of the plate is always completely covered.

The measuring head of the Aeros can be adjusted horizontally and thus positioned eccentrically above the edge of a sample pan or the sample plate. For the measurement, the dish/plate rotates under the sensor while the device performs 35 measurements in 5 seconds and calculates the average value.

Snack food nuts

The ideal height of the sensor above the sample is ensured by IR distance measurement and thus ensures exact color measurement. The sample then rotates under the eccentrically positioned sensor. During rotation, several measurements are taken in succession and the average value is automatically calculated. Due to the unusually large measuring surface that is scanned, the overall color of the food can be reproduced very accurately.

A comparison with intermediate measurements without a measuring flash guarantees that the measurement is insensitive to the ambient light present.

Icon-miscellaneous-nutrientsAs this non-contact measuring method is very user-friendly and the measurement results are extremely accurate and repeatable, this method is recommended for measuring nuts, potato chips, chips or other snacks.

Depending on requirements, the color of snack food can also be measured on the move with a portable colorimeter or online on the production line. HunterLab offers the right solution for determining precise and reliable color values for all methods.

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