Color measurement solutions for industry and research.

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Color is an important indicator of the quality of a product and is also used to monitor processing steps. We offer precise spectrophotometers and suitable software (also GMP/FDA-compliant) for color measurement in industry and research.

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Over 70 years of HunterLab color measurement and spectrophotometers

We measure color. Precise and reliable. For over 70 years.

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For more than 70 years, HunterLab has been the world’s leading manufacturer of COLOR MEASUREMENT SOLUTIONS for laboratory and production applications requiring the measurement of color during processing, quality assurance and quality control. As a color pioneer and color professional, HunterLab is represented in standardization bodies and committees.

Our spectrophotometers meet the requirements of DIN/ ISO/ ASTM and therefore offer safety at all levels. Over 70 years of colorimetric experience and product knowledge make HunterLab a strong partner for your quality assurance!

We offer the following solutions for industrial color measurement

Customized, fast and reliable

Depending on the application, HunterLab spectrophotometers offer individual, fast and reliable support for your work. Find out more about the different types of color measurement solutions we offer.
  • Stationary colorimeters

    Stationary colorimeters

    Benchtop spectrophotometer for color measurement in the laboratory and production.

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  • Stationary colorimeters

    Online / Inline colorimeters

    Color measurement in real time - during ongoing production.

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  • Stationary colorimeters

    Portable colorimeters

    Our portable, handheld spectrophotometers measure color anytime, anywhere.

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  • Stationary colorimeters

    Software for color measurement

    HunterLab QC software is integrated in the device or can be installed externally on a PC.

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Spectrophotometer for objective assessment

The human visual color memory and the possibilities of personal color assessment are anything but reliable. Whether in incoming or final inspection, research, manufacturing or the production hall, with HunterLab spectrophotometer and software you can achieve consistent results throughout the entire process. This means you have fewer customer complaints, higher product quality, a reduction in rejects, increased efficiency and cross-location production with the same target values. Our spectrophotometers guarantee the highest quality for your product through objective communication of color with precise measured values.

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We support you in your work! High-quality instruments that provide you with precise measurement results day after day, software that facilitates the evaluation and processing of data and a personal, fast-acting support. This creates trust and provides security.


HunterLab colorimeters are sophisticated spectrophotometers for use in industry and research.


Measure, evaluate, archive and communicate colors. We offer various software for HunterLab hardware.


Contract measurements, special developments, loan and rental options or training. Discover our range of services.

In addition to measuring devices and software, we also offer various services.

Do you want to delve deeper into colorimetry? Book one of our colorimetry courses, online or in-house. We also offer contract measurements, rental options and numerous special developments. Convince yourself of our precise spectrophotometers and competent service.

The blog about color measurement

All about color measurement

The HunterLab Europe company blog keeps you up to date on applications and measurement methods, product presentations and company news. Our colorimetry experts regularly give you an overview of the colorful and diverse world of color measurement.
Color measurement of contact lenses

Color measurement of contact lenses

Color measurement is essential in the development of contact lenses in order to optimize both coloration and light transmission. Clear lenses are lightly tinted to facilitate handling without impairing the visual experience. Using specific color measurements, the transmission of light through the lenses can be precisely analyzed and controlled depending on the material. For tinted lenses, the precise measurement makes it possible to change eye colors authentically. HunterLabs Vista spectrophotom...
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