Color measurement of inhomogeneous food samples

Color measurement of inhomogeneous samples with optical measuring devices from HunterLab

Consumers associate a consistent and appealing product color with high quality raw materials, freshness and wholesomeness. Therefore, the color is regularly checked either in the laboratory and/or during production. Snack food, potato chips, nuts, cereals, grains and cereals are among the inhomogeneous, irregular samples that are determined as a whole in a large bowl. Measuring a single nut would require a tiny orifice plate and would not be reliable due to the curvature.

This makes the
stationary spectrophotometer Aeros
with its large measuring surface due to the rotating sample plate, is exactly the right choice for inhomogeneous samples in the food sector. There is currently no comparable measuring device with such a large observation area available on the market. HunterLab’s expertise in the field of spectrophotometry
is based on 70 years of experience
and has resulted in the development of the best optical measurement systems for laboratories and production around the world.

Color measurement food cornflakes

The easiest way to determine breakfast flakes, cereals and flakes is with the Aeros spectrophotometer from HunterLab. It delivers precise and reliable measured values at the touch of a button.

Averaging for exact measured values

The Aeros has an automatic height adjustment which ensures the ideal height of the sensor above the sample. For the measurement, the bowl rotates under the sensor while the device performs 35 measurements in 5 seconds and calculates the average value. This covers a surface area of 177 cm² and provides an accurate and repeatable measurement of the color of the product.

A comparison with intermediate measurements without a measuring flash guarantees that the measurement is insensitive to the ambient light present.

Aeros Application
Trigger the measurement with a fingertip and obtain reliable and precise measurement values from all inhomogeneous food samples within a few seconds.

Reproducible sample preparation for reliable color analysis

Due to the unusually large measuring surface that is scanned, the color of irregularly shaped food samples can be reproduced very accurately. Handling is straightforward, as a tray is simply filled with the product and placed on the turntable. Just make sure that the bottom of the tray is completely covered by the material. This means that batches of inhomogeneous samples can be measured quickly and easily without having to average several measurements or homogenize the actual sample first.

The extensive QC software also supports quality control. Measured values can be displayed in detail and easily analyzed.

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Farbmessung von Kaffee HunterLab Aeros

Weitere Proben, die mit dem Aeros analysiert werden können:

Nicht nur für inhomogene Lebensmittelproben wie Cerealien und Snack-Food ist das Aeros hervorragend geeignet, auch die Farbe von Kaffee, Kunststoffpellets, Granulat und verschiedenen körnigen Baustoffen lässt sich mit dem Aeros sehr exakt bestimmen.

Erfahren Sie mehr über die einzelnen Messungen und melden Sie sich gerne bei uns wenn Sie Interesse an einer Live-Demo per Teams/Zoom etc. haben. Unsere Anwendungstechniker stellen Ihnen das Gerät gerne vor.

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