Color measurement of building materials

Cement and concrete, vinyl siding for facades, wood surfaces, window frames, glass panes, floor tiles, grout or roofing materials, when it comes to color measurement, leading manufacturers of building materials choose the high-quality and reliable solutions from HunterLab – the world’s most renowned expert in industrial color measurement. Our measuring devices offer the uncompromising quality and reliability that building material manufacturers and producers in the stone and earth industry demand and value.

We have the right solution for analyzing fine to coarse-grained materials and solids for almost EVERY APPLICATION relating to building materials and their raw materials or compositions:

Granite, hard stone, rock powders, fine sands, natural stone, precious chippings, marble, ceramics, quartz, cement, fiber cement boards, industrial minerals, high-performance fillers, exposed concrete, ready-mix concrete, construction chemicals, plasters, mortar, wood, roofing felt, Granulate for roofing material, roofing tarpaulins, roof tiles, shingles, insulating material, tiles, enamel, facades, concrete facades, glass, coated glass, anodized metal, windows, door frames, wood, plastic composites, composites, road construction, gardening and landscaping

Color is safety

FDA/GMP Safe: Our devices support you in complying with regulations and help keep your processes running.

Color is function

No matter how demanding your environment is, we have the solution that is tailored to your requirements. Whether individual accessories or software adaptations. We listen and implement.

Color is communication

HunterLab spectrophotometry experts: personal and customer-oriented. Just a call or click away.

We have the right solution for quality assurance when it comes to building materials and their raw materials and compositions


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