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Reliable and repeatable online color measurement with the SpectraTrend HT from HunterLab
The SpectraTrend HT online/inline measuring device from HunterLab is versatile and provides repeatable measurement results for quality assurance in production, e.g. for plastics, building materials and foodstuffs. We will be happy to help you with modular installation in your process with suitable software and hardware.

Your advantages at a glance

The perfect solution for color management in the process
  • Contactless

    The sensor detects the sample directly on the surface, without contact, perfect for products of different heights.
  • Versatile

    The SpectraTrend is able to measure the color of granules, slabs, baked goods, fiber cement and much more.
  • Software evaluation

    Evaluation and process control can be carried out in the appropriate colorWorkbench software.
  • Precise sensor

    Monitoring with 5 measurements per second for color and height fluctuations.
  • Connectivity

    Measurement results are easily transferred to a PC, network and/or PLC and further processed in QA software.
  • Resistant

    Robust industrial design in NEMA4/IP66 approved housing with optional stainless steel housing for use in the food industry.

Quality in real time

Real-time measurement often eliminates the need for time-consuming analysis of samples in the laboratory; the data can be used to immediately intervene in production and make corrections.

This means for you:

  • Time saving
  • Efficiency gain
  • and increase in quality throughout the entire process

However, if the laboratory and production work closely together in a production facility, we offer multiView software that not only enables remote control of the colorWorkbench online software, but also links the control station, laboratory and production lines and enables simultaneous access to several locations.

Robust industrial design that impresses!

The SpectraTrend HT (STHT) integrated in a NEMA 4/IP66 protective housing is mounted at a distance of 65mm to 140mm above the product.

The sensor monitors the product for color and height fluctuations with up to 5 measurements per second. The results are shown on the display at 1 second intervals and simultaneously forwarded to connected PCs via the network connection.

Optional visualization via warning lights and output of color deviations to an analogue output. The SpectraTrend HT (STHT) does not require direct contact with the product and is therefore ideally suited for different product thicknesses.

Take your process control to a new level! We can help you!

We offer a unique process control system consisting of a measuring device and software. The SpectraTrend HT inline spectrophotometer in combination with the colorWorkbench software takes color measurement in ongoing production to a new level. In combination with the comprehensive multiView software, which acts as a link between several production lines and laboratory measurements, this package considerably simplifies daily work in production control and quality inspection.

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