Precise and powerful spectrophotometers for industrial color measurement

HunterLab has stood for precise, high-quality and reliable color measurement technology for over 70 years. Whether stationary laboratory devices, portable colorimeters for incoming and final inspection or inline measuring devices. We offer you different solutions for many applications in reflection and transmission, on request also customized and tailored to your application.

We measure color. Precise and reliable. For over 70 years.

HunterLab spectrophotometers offer you absolute precision and flexibility in all areas. In laboratories and production facilities, samples are reliably determined regardless of their size and structure. Special spectrophotometers have been developed for many areas of application and indices. Individual solutions tailored to your application are also available on request.

Smart spectrophotometers for quality control

HunterLab’s precise color measurement technology is used in many industries worldwide, such as the pharmaceutical, chemical and food sectors. Our solutions deliver perfect color control at various production sites around the world. They provide precise numerical color values that ensure for example, that shades are absolutely consistent from roll to roll and from system to system and that standards and compliance guidelines can be adhered to.

Depending on the application, our spectrophotometers support you individually, quickly and reliably in your work. We offer our customers the following types of measuring devices for industrial color measurement:

  • Stationary colorimeters

    Stationary colorimeters

    Benchtop spectrophotometer for color measurement in the laboratory and production.

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  • Stationary colorimeters

    Online / Inline colorimeters

    Color measurement in real time - during ongoing production.

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  • Stationary colorimeters

    Portable colorimeters

    Our portable, handheld spectrophotometers measure color anytime, anywhere.

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  • Stationary colorimeters

    Software for color measurement

    HunterLab QC software is integrated in the device or can be installed externally on a PC.

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Laboratory instruments - Benchtop spectrophotometer

HunterLab’s bench-top spectrophotometers are used in laboratories and production facilities, they are robust and durable and suitable for many different applications. They measure liquids or solids in reflection and transmission, they analyze opacity and turbidity in accordance with standards and compliance/GMP.

Aeros Spektralphotometer


Direct and non-contact measurement of irregular samples. For granules, pellets, powder or snack food.

Agera Spectrophotometer

Agera (0°/45°)

Color measurement (upward or forward-facing measuring opening) directly or in cuvettes, UV control and 60° gloss measurement.

Vista Spectrophotometer

Vista (diffuse/0°)

Standard-compliant transmission spectrophotometer for preforms, films, glass, plates, liquids and turbidity measurement.

ColorFlex HunterLab

ColorFlex EZ (45°/0°)

Compact spectrophotometric station for laboratory and production with interface for transferring measurement data.

UltraScan PRO

UltraScan PRO (diffuse/8°)

High-end spectrophotometer for measurements in reflection and transmission (5 nm optical resolution).

UltraScan VIS (diffus/8°)

UltraScan VIS (diffuse/8°)

Universal CIE-compliant spectrophotometer for precise measurements in reflection and transmission.

Online color measurement - Inline spectrophotometer

Color measurement in real time, during ongoing production, with the SpectraTrend HT. One or more devices are mounted on the production line and provide numerical color values that ensure, for example, that shades are absolutely consistent from roll to roll and from line to line.
We have many years of experience and expertise in the field of online color measurement. Ask for our references, including many well-known companies that have been measuring with the SpectraTrend HT for years and benefit from our software solutions.

SpectraTrend HT Pellets

SpectraTrend HT

Online (inline) spectrophotometer for quality control during production.

MiniScan diffus/8

MiniScan diffuse/8

Portable spectrophotometer with spherical geometry.

MiniScan diffus/8

MiniScan 45/0

Portable spectrophotometer with 45°/0° geometry.

Handheld instruments - Portable spectrophotometers

Measure color, anytime and anywhere. Mobile and independent. Available in two geometries: diffuse/8° or 45°/0°.

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