We have a specialty:
Color measurement in all its facets.

We support you in your work! High-quality spectral spectrophotometers that provide you with precise measurement results day after day, software that facilitates the evaluation and processing of data and personal, fast-acting support. This creates trust and provides security.

HunterLab products at a glance:


HunterLab spectrophotometers are sophisticated spectrophotometers for use in industry and research.


Measure, evaluate, archive and communicate colors. We offer various software for HunterLab hardware.


Contract measurements, special developments, loan and rental options or training. Discover our range of services.

Spectrophotometers for your application…

Food and beverages

Spectrophotometers from HunterLab measure color and turbidity of various products in the food and beverage industry

Pharmacy and cosmetics

Color measurement in reflection and transmission is a building block of quality assurance in the laboratory and production of pharmaceutical companies and cosmetics manufacturers.

Chemical products

The chemical industry is a complex sector in which the highest quality and safety standards must be met.


Whether reflection, transmission or haze or the determination of color values and indices such as whiteness or yellowness, HunterLab's spectrophotometers meet every requirement in the plastics sector.


HunterLab's color measurement systems measure the color of paper, as well as pulp for paper towels, hygiene products, coffee filters, filling material and additives, as well as packaging of all kinds and cardboard packaging.

Building materials

Our measuring devices offer the uncompromising quality and reliability that building material manufacturers and producers in the stone and earth industry demand and value.

Paints & coatings

HunterLab spectrophotometers are used in quality control, ongoing process monitoring and color formulation of industrial coatings, industrial paints and coil coatings.


HunterLab spectrophotometers analyze the color of fibers, yarns and threads through to the finished product - fabrics, coated textiles or clothing.