Color measurement of contact lenses

Color measurement of contact lenses with the Vista spectrophotometer from HunterLab

Farbmessung von Kontaktlinsen HunterLab

Bei der Entwicklung von Kontaktlinsen, ob aus Glas oder Kunststoff, wird Farbmessung in mehreren Zusammenhängen eingesetzt

Color recognition

Clear contact lenses are often very lightly colored so that they are easier to see in the blister. This is where spectrophotometry helps to define the coloration as intensely as necessary, but at the same time as weakly as possible, so that it does not affect the visual experience.

Light transmittance / transmission

With optical lenses, it is sometimes interesting to analyze the light transmission in different wavelength ranges and influence it if necessary. Color measurement can be used to investigate the relationship between the formulation of the lens material and the specific transmission of a lens. This allows the desired effects of light transmission to be specifically generated in the development of new materials or the design of contact lenses.


With tinted contact lenses that are intended to change the wearer’s eye color, both the shade and the intensity of the tint can be determined and varied very finely by means of precise color measurement.

Regardless of the different optical targets, the spectrophotometer is used in quality control to guarantee that the lenses have the same color quality across different production batches.

Specially developed holder for measuring contact lenses from HunterLab

A two-part holder has been specially developed for the Vista spectrophotometer from HunterLab, into which contact lenses with a diameter of approx. 13.8 mm or more can be easily inserted in order to measure their transmission. To do this, a contact lens is placed over the opening of the holder base and then clamped to the edge with the holder attachment, which adheres magnetically. This fixation prevents wrinkles or deformation of the lens and the entire lens surface can be measured. The entire holder is then inserted into the device in front of the measuring opening. It centers itself – again magnetically – perfectly in front of the ball opening. This system is easy to use and guarantees a highly repeatable measuring method that can be carried out in exactly the same way by all employees.

Vista Infographic2

Vista – Das vielseitige Messgerät für Farbe und Haze (Trübung):

Nicht nur für die Messung von Kontaktlinsen ist das Vista hervorragend geeignet, als Spektralphotometer mit Haze-Funktion wird es auch für die Messung von Folien, Gläsern, z.B. auch Brillengläsern, für Preforms und transparente Flüssigkeiten eingesetzt.

Erfahren Sie mehr über die verschiedenen Anwendungen und melden Sie sich gerne bei uns wenn Sie Interesse an einer Live-Demo per Teams/Zoom etc. haben. Unsere Anwendungstechniker stellen Ihnen das Gerät gerne vor.


Praxisbeispiel: Messmethode – Farbmessung von Kontaktlinsen und Brillengläser

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