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HunterLab has been family-owned since its foundation in 1952. Its founder Richard S. Hunter, inventor of the recognized Hunter L, a, b colour space, has continuously passed on his knowledge. Our know-how is based on 70 years of experience, application and research in industrial color measurement. This creates trust and guarantees quality and security for customers. His son Phil Hunter has successfully run the company since 1973 and continues to do so today as Chairman of the Supervisory Board.

Today, HunterLab's innovation redefines the impossible.

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Christian Jansen

Managing Director HunterLab Europe

We think our way into the special tasks of entrepreneurs, laboratory managers and users. This results in individual solutions that make our customers even more successful.

HunterLab is the world leader in providing practical solutions to the most difficult color measurement challenges.

Since 1967, the Jansen name has been associated with HunterLab Associates Inc. connected. Helmut Jansen laid the foundation for the success story of HunterLab measuring devices in Germany and Austria in the 1960s. Consulting, sales and customer service go hand in hand with trusting customer relationships, which Christian Jansen and his team continue to cultivate and expand today.
  • 70 agencies for global presence

  • 25,000 active customers in over 100 countries

  • 3,000 Accessories Developments

  • 70+ years of spectrophotometric experience

Our team

Laura Koller

Office Manager

Phone: +49 8841 9464
or info@hunterlab.de

Jihade Aamoud

Office Assistant

Phone: +49 8841 9464
or info@hunterlab.de

Christian Jansen

Managing Director

Elisabeth Schlegel

Application laboratory

Susanne Zoepf


Lucie Matuskova

Sales Channel Development

Dr. Christian Stammel

Distribution Germany

Jürgen Felber

Distribution Austria/Switzerland

David Wellenberger

Inside Sales

Michael Spindler

Head of Application Development & Support

Thorsten Kuphaldt

Application development

Suliman Hashimi

Application development

Shekeb Hashimi

Application development & support

Florian Mayer


Philipp Tanzius


The blog about color measurement

All about color measurement

The HunterLab Europe company blog keeps you up to date on applications and measurement methods, product presentations and company news. Our spectrophotometry experts regularly give you an overview of the colorful and diverse world of color measurement.
Color measurement of contact lenses

Color measurement of contact lenses

Color measurement is essential in the development of contact lenses in order to optimize both coloration and light transmission. Clear lenses are lightly tinted to facilitate handling without impairing the visual experience. Using specific color measurements, the transmission of light through the lenses can be precisely analyzed and controlled depending on the material. For tinted lenses, the precise measurement makes it possible to change eye colors authentically. HunterLabs Vista spectrophotom...
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Email: info@hunterlab.de
Tel: +49 8841 9464


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