Agera “Instrumental color measurement of baby food”

Color-measurement-of-baby-mashThe Agera from HunterLab with its 0°/45° measuring geometry is ideal for determining color as the human eye perceives it. As a stand-alone device, it requires little space and can be easily set up and operated in any laboratory.

The color measurement of baby food is therefore uncomplicated and precise. For liquid or viscous samples, HunterLab recommends measuring in a 64 mm glass cuvette with a suitable cuvette aperture. Especially for translucent samples, the ring and disc set is available as an accessory to ensure a fixed layer thickness and a consistent background.

The orifice plate with a recess for the round cuvette can be placed on the orifice opening above the sensor so that the cuvette is always stable and centrally positioned for measurement. The measurement is then triggered at the touch of a button and shown on the display in the integrated EasyMatch Essentials software. By outputting the measured values in the L*a*b* color scale in conjunction with the L*a*b* color differences and the color distance ∆E, the color of a sample is indicated in such a way that the deviation of the hue from a defined standard can be easily interpreted and reacted to accordingly.

In order to check color consistency during production, tolerance ranges can be defined in the color value table so that the sample is immediately classified with a pass/fail specification. It is also possible to show other views on the display, such as the spectral curve, the 2D color diagram or the spectral value table, in order to evaluate the results more comprehensively.

With the simple and quick procedure: fill the cuvette – place it on the aperture – trigger the measurement – read off the values, precise and reliable color measurement is possible with the Agera. This is very easy to do in everyday laboratory work without any major additional effort or lengthy introduction, both in development and as an element of ongoing quality control. This allows you to design your products attractively, guarantee consistent quality and gain and expand the trust of your customers.

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