Color measurement of high-visibility clothing according to DIN EN ISO 20471

ColorFlex warning vestThe DIN EN ISO 20471 standard for high-visibility clothing specifies not only the size and shape of the clothing and the position of the retroreflective stripes, but also the requirements for the color and luminosity of the material. These must be fulfilled in particular after various test procedures with regard to stress and ageing, as well as in use after each cleaning, before delivery.

Both the portable MiniScan EZ (4500L) handheld device and the ColorFlex EZ laboratory device from HunterLab are ideal for measuring the color of high-visibility clothing. These double-beam spectrophotometers have a 45°/0° measuring geometry in accordance with the standard and can output the measured values with standard illuminant D65 and 2° observer function. The black glass from the device accessories has the required reflectance of less than 0.04 and can be used as a background for the single-layer fabric.
As the illumination in these devices is ring-shaped, a single measurement is sufficient even with retroreflective material instead of the four vertical measurements otherwise required by the standard.

Screenshot-colorLab-CIE+standard color chartThe result of each measurement can be read directly on the display of the device with the values x, y and Y (or β) and the individual measurements can be saved and exported in the device.

The measurement is much easier if the devices are connected to a PC and evaluated using the colorLab quality control software: A pass/fail display immediately shows whether the range of the standard is being adhered to or not. The software is also ideal for creating clear documentation on the condition of the clothing. With the very clear and intuitive user interface, various representations of the measured samples can be selected.

Screenshot-colorLabThe advantages of the colorLab software are obvious:

  • Color value table with listing of individual measurements, individually selectable display of color values and optional pass/fail column with regard to the standard.
  • In the “Image” display, for example, photos of any damage to the clothing can be integrated and documented.
  • The standard color chart and the linear display of the luminance factor immediately show whether the measurement is within the tolerances. You can also use the cursor to directly read the measured values and the pass/fail information.

HunterLab also responds to individual customer requests. If the standard changes, or if you want to check color values in relation to other standards, the color coordinates for the tolerance ranges can be easily changed or added. But the integration of third-party devices is also no problem for the colorLab software.

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