Color measurement of milk powder

Whether for food and nutrition, personal care or pharmaceutical products – milk and whey powders are important basic products for many applications. During the production of milk powder, free water is removed from the fresh milk by heating. Skimmed milk powder is required for probiotics, chocolate, yogurt or milk-based drinks. However, milk powder is also used in cheese, confectionery and baked goods and is a cost-effective option for the industry. Vitamins that are lost during the production of milk powder are often added again afterwards, e.g. during processing into baby food (substitute milk).

A spectrophotometric control of milk powder and dry milk powder is an important element in quality control on the one hand, and is also important for customer confidence if the appearance remains consistent.

Our solutions for your milk powder:


Color measurement “as the eye sees”

  • 0°/45° geometry

    This geometry according to DIN corresponds very precisely to the color impression that the human eye has of the sample.
  • Integrated camera

    The integrated camera helps to place the sample precisely and to save a photo with the measurement data.
  • Integrated QC software

    The EasyMatch QC Essentials quality control software is integrated into the device and provides all the required color indices and metrics.
  • Full spectrum + UV

    With an illumination range of 360-700 nm, the Agera is also suitable for measuring optically brightened samples.
  • Smart user interface

    Your measurement results can be easily transferred to existing LIMS or SPC systems.

  • Uncomplicated & precise

    Simple "one touch" measurement reduces training time, optimizes the workflow and increases your productivity.

ColorFlex EZ

Compact spectrophotometric station

  • 45°/0° measuring geometry
  • USB port for keyboard, barcode reader or data carrier

  • Integrated spectrophotometry software with easy handling

ColorFlex EZ
  • Robust device with compact dimensions

  • Stand-alone operation via display or using quality control software

Application example:

Agera “Instrumental color measurement of white powder”

Nowadays, color matching is only carried out visually in a few companies. Measurement with a laboratory device is much more objective and reliable and can be easily integrated into existing QM structures thanks to digital data acquisition. With HunterLab’s Agera, highly accurate and repeatable measurements can be made, displayed and compared with the desired color scales and indices. Differences are clearly displayed and the software immediately indicates when defined tolerances are exceeded. Views such as spectral diagrams or 2D color diagrams also allow a quick visual assessment of the measured color values. When measuring milk and whey powder, the CIE Lab scale together with the...

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Our color measurement solutions are individual and versatile. In our overview you will find the right device and the right software for all applications.