Color measurement of powdered baking ingredients with the ColorFlex EZ

Color measurement-from-flourPowdered baking ingredients such as flour, semolina, baking powder or starch, as well as ready-made baking mixes, can be precisely spectrophotometrically determined using a spectrophotometer such as the ColorFlex EZ. In this way, manufacturers guarantee a consistent appearance and create trust in the product.

Powders consist of tiny particles. To ensure uniform color measurement, a uniform surface should be created. For this purpose, a generous amount of powder is added to a 64 mm round glass cuvette. Sufficient coating thickness minimizes the effects of incident ambient light and guarantees precise measurements. (A layer thickness of 50 mm also makes translucent powder effectively opaque for reflectance measurement).
Before you start measuring, standardize the device with the black and white standard supplied with the device.

Color measurement of flour powder Carefully tap the cuvette once briefly on a hard surface so that the powder settles a little and then place it on the aperture so that the powder can be measured through the glass bottom of the cuvette. (Make sure that no powder gets onto the aperture!)

Color measurement is triggered at the touch of a button and the measured values are shown directly on the display.

Remove the cuvette from the measuring opening, empty and refill it and measure the powder of the same sample quantity at least three times. Then use the software to average a value from the three color measurements to obtain a representative color value for the sample. Averaging several measurements reduces the fluctuations in measured values that always occur in connection with non-uniform samples.

Whatever type of powder or flour you want to measure, with HunterLab spectrophotometers you can guarantee every customer a visually consistent appearance and thus underline your quality standards. In any case, with HunterLab you are choosing the supplier with the highest quality spectrophotometers for the food industry on the market.

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